And so it begins… a cycle of anniversaries

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One of the things that I found helpful in Catholicism is finding that the liturgical calendar is a handy way to live out the year. In doing so, you are reminded that the seasons do not just correspond to geography and climate, but the spiritual world as well.

There is an ebb and flow to it, and if used as intended serves as an excellent way to grow spiritually closer to the Lord.

Six years ago today my Mom was taken to the ICU for reasons unknown at the time. We had thought it was related to her heart condition (she had surgery earlier in the year and a stent was implanted in her heart), but as it turned out she had a ruptured bowel.

She died from it on November 7th, but that is for a later post. But today begins a particular cycle of anniversaries of her final weeks, for the dates now fall upon the days-of-the week as they occurred in 2005, the first time this has happened since her death that year.

Not that it really makes these anniversaries any different, it is just another year. But somehow the coincidence of dates and days makes them a little more, I don’t know, poignant is a word that comes to mind. A special emotional feeling triggering the heart and mind in a way that is unique to the event.

Every year I am reminded by these anniversaries of my Mom’s decline and death that November is coming. November, the “month of the dead,” during which we celebrate All Saint’s and All Souls’ Days, and during which we are encouraged to visit graves and cemeteries.

My favorite month, and I wonder if God planned for my Mom to die when she did. Oh, well, Im shall not know that until I am reunited with her in Heaven, and get answers.

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