Cemeteries in the quiet places

I ran across a blogpost today from Katlupe of Homesteading On The Internet that I found of interest.

“Homesteading” has various meanings, the easiest is living simply off the land as much as one can. Usually a homesteader has a house and small farm somewhere, or at least a house with sufficient land around to grow things. There are also “urban homesteaders”, people who live in cities and make the most of their small surroundings.

It is an interest of mine as my wife and I live in the country in a nice house with lots of acreage. Eventually I hope to go beyond small vegetable gardens and live far more “self-sufficiently” than we presently do. Anyway, the point of all this is Katlupe’s post:

Little Country Cemeteries On Back Roads

She wrote a nice piece on country cemeteries that pop up in the rural countryside. You are driving about and suddenly just by the roadside is a small, possibly slightly overgrown and always very old, cemetery.

My attraction to these places is one of the reasons why I started this blog. I intend to (but alas, haven’t done so just yet) take my small digital camera with me on my days off from work, and when I see these country cemeteries, stop off and wander through them and take pictures of the headstones. Not all, just those that strike my fancy for whatever reason. This “project” was planned to be an major theme of this blog.

Perhaps I shall start doing this. My work schedule has changed and this makes it easier for my wife and I to take day trips throughout Western and Central New York State (we live near Lake Erie, and I am originally from the Syracuse and Utica areas) and cameras are a requirement for our travels (Rose is a photographer, see: ARTIST4GOD: Rose Santuci-Sofranko)

Small cemeteries in “the middle of nowhere” are a wonderful reminder of one’s mortality, and the peaceful surroundings help you to meditate on that and reflect of God. Death is not always an enemy.

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