A symbol of Purgatory

A few days ago I began a vacation from my job. However, on my first “official” day of vacation, I was still required to attend a mandatory monthly meeting. No big deal, I have to get up early and tolerate a meeting before the joy of my vacation could begin. But my vacation would still begin. Then the thought hit me: “This would be like going through Purgatory before entering the fullness of Heaven.” When in Purgatory, the suffering soul knows it is saved, but cannot be fully united with God in Heaven. Too much of the self, and a clinging to worldly desires keep it from entering Heaven.

I tend to think quite often in symbolic or metaphoric terms. I like to connect concrete things to the spiritual. It helps me to better conceptualize the unseeable.

So, my vacation is like Heaven, and having to put up with a momentary passage through a meeting is like a Purgatory. I desire Heaven and don’t want to have to pass through Purgatory, but due to circumstances of my life, I have to be delayed before arriving at my ultimate goal.

“Vacation” is a nice metaphor for Heaven, particularly the idea of an Endless Vacation, (an “Endless Summer”) at an Infinity-starred resort paid for by the resort owner. The only actual cost to you is to get rid of unnecessary baggage. You can’t show up at this resort covered in stains and wearing shabby clothing, the stuff you bore from where you came. At this resort you have to wear the resplendent garb of the permanent guests. The old stuff, the garments of the old country, has to be tossed out and burnt.

Only then can you enter.

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