November is my favorite month. Mainly because of The Feasts of All Saints on November 1st and All Souls on November 2nd.

This leads to November being considered the “month of the dead”. While some may find that rather gruesome and macabre, I do not. I like November and its focus on the dead because of the reminder that what is around us is not the whole story, and that something greater lies beyond our reach. But not forever. We too, shall cross over to what lies beyond, and we should always be mindful of our death.

November and its associations with the dead also help me to connect with my loved ones that have died. They do not seem so far away. My Mom died in November (2005) and her death shattered my life, but out of that wreckage came a new life for me. My Dad died years earlier, and I find that I am becoming more like him. There are others hopefully in Heaven or Purgatory, and I think about them often.

Anyway, November shall be a “Big Deal” here at this blog, and probably the most active month. The rest of the year has rather sporadic postings (which may change, we’ll see) but in November I plan to focus on this blog a lot more than usual. You may want to make it an annual “devotional”, as in “Oh, it’s November, I gotta surf over to Paulcoholic’s “death blog.” Plenty enough time to get caught up on postings from the rest of the year, if posting frequency doesn’t change much.

So, have a Good November, everyone. (May that salutation be likened to a wish for a happy death. (A “Happy Death” in Catholicism is a death in which you end up in Heaven.)

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