Love and Heaven

I went to daily Mass today with my fiancee. We were “accosted” afterwards by these three elderly sisters (siblings, not religious women).

They were very enthusiastic about the Faith and were very happy to learn that we were getting married on the vigil of Divine Mercy Sunday (March 29th, for info on Divine Mercy, see the links in my main blog, URL in the sidebar of this one). The joy these women expressed and their genuine interest in other people and total disregard for “propriety” in greeting strangers struck me in a brief moment as a glimpse into Heaven.

In Heaven we are our true selves. No hiding behind or trumpeting differences. No making allowances for faults and failings. No barriers such as class or race or ethnicity. In Heaven we are all there and free to mingle and meet whomever else is saved, with no Earthly distinctions as a barrier.

In Heaven, the only virtue remaining is Love. No need for Faith as we are with He who is unknowable fully by our senses (as in the line from the hymn by St. Thomas Aquinas, “what our senses fail to fathom let us grasp with Faith’s assent.”). No need for Hope as we have achieved our salvation, which is the point of Hope. Love is all that remains.

These women Rose and I met today were comfortable with their joy and their love.

They evoked Hope.

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  1. Rose says:

    Oh sweetie! What a beautiful way to look at those lovely, joyful ladies…as a “glimpse of Heaven”. Thank you for sharing YOUR joy with us all. God bless, my love.